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About this Blog

Welcome to my blog and thanks for stopping by! This blog is for the development of my latest game - a retro survival horror game in the style of the ye olde Silent Hill and Resident Evil games back on the PS1! Remember them?! They were crackin' and I want to see more games like them. So here I am! It's being developed from the ground up, engine 'n' all, so it will probably take a while though. I have no idea how long at the minute but a safe estimate is probably a few years. I hope to give a decent insight into making a game like this and the problems/benefits of making everything yourself.

I'm working on the game for a couple of hours every day, so I hope to be able to post once a week about what I've been up to. Development is fairly slow-going since I have a day job (which I enjoy FYI) but it is definitely consistent. You can read my blog posts for more information on the game.

Who Am I?

Hello! My name is George Baron. While during the day I work professionally as a graphics programmer, in my spare time I (try to) make games. I've been making small games for as long as I can remember using technologies such as Flash (phew, that was a while ago), OpenFL and now my own home-grown framework. I had a fairly chunky break from making games recently since I got burnt out on it and the communities surrounding it, but I'm back for more now.

You can find me over on Twitter! I promise to start being more active on there again!